written after Mary Ruefle’s MONUMENT

A small world had ended. Like all worlds, it was made of time. The Canadian-American border stood between us would never vanish. I had moved to the island because you were there. I had flown back and forth, and you had been still. And now…

All the parts of me count for something, are useful for something

Photo courtesy of author

ItIt found my mother’s face first, when my pointer finger was more hand than finger, more foreign connection than mine. It was probably the one on my right hand. I don’t know the first time I pointed it at anyone, but I know some things it used to trace. …

I can’t stop thinking about how I killed the crickets

The day Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court I left my apartment and there were two dead…

The reach of snow and the taste of French toast

Morning has always been my time for quiet, but there was a time when I woke to voices too loud for even a moment of silence. When those days came, I tried to sleep through them.

But this morning is all white flakes and maple syrup and coffee reheated twice…

Amanda Oliver

OVERDUE: Recknoning with the Public Library forthcoming from Chicago Review Press March 22, 2022 • amandaoliver.com

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